Trump Ordered To Pay E. Jean Carroll Nearly $90 Million Dollars For Defamation

Donald Trump and his giant, stupid, hateful big mouth just lost BIGLY in court. E. Jean Carroll sued him for defamation – after he already was found guilty of sexually assaulting her. And he lost big. His unprofessional lawyer, Alina Habba, didn’t help him at all with her abusive, disrespectful antics. The judge and the jury were probably irritated everytime she opened her smug mouth.

Well, they clearly found him unable to stop, so they hit him where it hurts: his bank account.

$18.3 MILLION for actual damages
$65 MILLION for punitive damages


He will surely continue to defame her, so hopefully she sues him again. Eventually she will have the keys to Trump Tower.

Twitter exploded:

One of the most sad parts of this trial: Jurors had to remain anonymous for their safety – both in court and with each other.

Congrats, E. Jean Carroll! You deserve every single penny.

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