Trump Pushes Christian Nationalists Into His Cult

CNN correspondent Donie O’Sullivan reported on how Trump is taking advantage of Christan Nationalists to support his otherwise flailing campaign. O’Sullivan started out by interviewing two older women who were both Trump supporters. And as you might have guessed, they both had dubious thought processes:

One of the most striking came from Grace Riedinger, a Trump supporter who was wearing a “Jesus Christ ’24” shirt, and did not consider that to be an exaggeration.

When O’Sullivan asked her “Is [Jesus] on the ballot?” she replied, “He’s not on the ballot, but Trump is so doggone close.”

The other woman, Sharon Manders, claimed that Christianity was under attack but – gee, whillickers, wouldn’t you know it? – she just couldn’t come up with a single example of how it was being attacked.

To add the confusion of these women is that Trump has taken to false attacks, such as the brouhaha about Easter falling on Transgender Visibility Day. He even went as far as to compare himself to Jesus Chris and to God Himself. Trump has compared his criminal prosecutions to Christ being crucified.

I think if Donny actually knew anything about Christianity or the Bible he likes to use as a prop that rape, adultery, lying, and coveting his own daughter are all in the biggies as far as sins go. And speaking of the Bible, I’m pretty sure that hawking knock off copies of it would have brought Christ out to whip some money changer ass, at least according to the Bible.

Of course, Donny Boy is being aided and abetted in his cultism by known psychopaths like Pastor Greg Locke and Representative Sporkfoot.

The only saving grace to all this is that between Trump’s legal problems, his own infirmities and his own feeble grasp on reality, he can’t keep up the facade of his own hype much longer.

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