Trumper Revives Old Conspiracy Theory

Jason Selvig of the Good Liars did his man on the street routine outside of a Trump rally in Florida. He found a real live wire who brought back the lunar landing conspiracy, saying that we never went to the moon:

SELVIG: Do you think the earth is round or flat?

TRUMPER: I know we didn’t go to the moon.

SELVIG: We didn’t go to the moon?

TRUMPER:: No, didn’t go to the moon.

SELVIG: Wait. Why do you say that?

TRUMPER: Because you can’t get out of the atmosphere.

SELVIG: Really? What do you mean?

TRUMPER: Why don’t we go look, uh, underwater or past the ice? That’s where it’s at. They want you to look up. They don’t want you to look on our own ground.

SELVIG: Do you think the earth is flat?

TRUMPER: I don’t know.

Mediaite thinks the Trumper sounded like Nic Cage. I don’t know about that. I got more of the Aaron Rodgers vibe from the guy. And her sure sounded like he was on hallucinagens.

Regardless of all that, if the guy really thinks that we can’t leave the atmosphere, it would be really interesting to see him try to explain why Trump created Space Force.

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