Tucker Carlson And Trump Jr. Pretend J6 Insurrectionists Were 'Pure-Hearted' Americans

The only question I have is why anyone allows either of these two to still have a platform to spread their bile. So, apparently Russian asset, Putin apologist, and right wing troll Tucker Carlson joined Donald Trump Jr. to discuss Trump’s criminal convictions in New York, and the conversation took a weird, but predictable turn when the two of them decided the latest hill they need to die on is defending the insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol on January 6th: ‘It’s All Bullshit!’ Tucker Carlson Tells Don Jr. January 6th Rioters Were ‘Pure-Hearted’ Americans:

TRUMP JR: I gave the door kickers a pass for far too long, which is like, hey, you know, they can’t go against the leadership. But like, when you’re watching this kind of bastardization of justice, when you’re watching this sort of lopsided level, when they’re, you know, they spend more time kicking down the doors of an Amish farmer selling unpasteurized milk than actually going after people committing terror because, you know, they’re trans or, you know, whatever it is that they are, you really lose that ability to get that pass that I really wanted them to give. But, you know, I wanted to believe that everything I grew up believing was accurate. And it’s all bullshit. It’s just all bullshit. So we have to fix that. That’s that’s why we fight now, to actually make it so.

CARLSON: But you saw this on January 6th, too. I mean, I know that Joe Scarborough and the rest of the liars presented those people as like, insurrectionists and dangerous. They were actually the most pure hearted and most naive…I mean, they were they were literally walking with pocket constitutions. Saying, no, you can’t do this. They believed in the system much more than the people who put them in prison, who don’t believe in it at all.

TRUMP JR: Without question. And you saw that. I mean, you know, the narrative was pushed so much. The clips that they used were designed to create something that didn’t actually happen. I mean, it’s so sick.

What’s “sick” is this conversation where these two liars are telling Americans they should not believe what all of us saw with our own eyes. Shame on both of them and I look forward to the day I never have to hear either of their names ever again. The sooner both of them are pushed into political irrelevancy, the better. Carlson is heading there fast latching onto Putin. Here’s to hoping Jr is right behind him.

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