Violence Is A Key Part Of The Republican Party Strategy

Violence is a key part of the Republican Party under Donald Trump’s leadership. Threatening people who seek to hold Trump accountable is normal. If you are a Republican voter, it is time to realize the party isn’t your dad’s GOP. The latest Trump trial is in its first week, and two potential jurors have dropped out. It’s no accident the jurors were dismissed, as the former president and Fox News spent the evening broadcasting about the jury in the trial. People are afraid, and they have every right to be.

Former US Attorney Joyce Vance noted that Trump’s jury intimidation tactics were mafia-like. Vance tweeted: “I can’t help but contemplate that jurors are concerned about being publicly identified in a case involving a former president. Typically, you would only see that happen in a case involving violent organized crime.” Political analyst and author Rachel Bitecofer summed up fears of potential jurors in a tweet: “Every prospective juror answering the impartiality question also knows if they sit on this jury, Trump may ruin in their life.”

The “new normal” of Republicans supporting brutality comes straight from the leader of the GOP. Trump calls for violence from his supporters on a regular basis.

Trump Warns of a Bloodbath If He Loses Election

At a March 16 campaign rally, Donald Trump warned there will be a “bloodbath” if he loses the presidential election in November. Before writing this off as “Trump being Trump,” watch the video from UK media, The Telegraph.

One Twitter user pointed out the conservative Drudge Report calling out Trump’s horrible “bloodbath” comment
BrooklynFlower15 tweeted: “The DRUDGE REPORT heard what ‘we the people heard’ too and they’re not a LEFT leaning media outlet! Donald Trump is a DICTATOR wannabe, and he isn’t opposed to using violence to achieve his goal!”

Trump Calls January 6 Insurrectionists’ Patriots and Hostages’

At the same Ohio event, the former president began the rally with a song by the January 6 insurrectionists. Trump told the audience that those convicted of participating in the violent January 6th insurrection were “hostages” and “patriots” and asked the audience to stand for a song performed by the J6 Prison Choir titled “Justice for All.”

Violence is the Norm for 2024 Republicans

The GOP presidential candidate talks about attacking others so often that the Biden campaign made a video montage of Trump encouraging bloodshed.

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