Viral skin care brand Dieux launches into Sephora

DTC clinical skincare brand Dieux is expanding into retail, launching on Sephora’s online store today and in all brick-and-mortar locations early next month.

Launching in 2020 with the Forever Eye Mask, Dieux has gone viral on Instagram and TikTok, with its Deliverance Serum selling out five times and maintaining a waitlist. According to the brand, its hero product, Instant Angel moisturizer, is purchased every five minutes on average. The launch into Sephora, therefore, is an effort to make the brand more accessible to consumers and better meet consumer demand.

We spoke to Dieux co-founder Charlotte Palermino to learn more about Dieux, including background on the brand’s initial launch, how the Sephora expansion fits into the brand’s growth strategy, and Dieux’s plans for further innovation in the skin care space.

About Dieux

Before founding Dieux, Palermino did not hail from a skin care product formulation background; instead, she drew from her personal experience for inspiration in creating the brand. “I spent years building brands and audiences at various media companies and social media platforms, so I’ve always had a strong sense of how to tell a story,” she said, and “because of this, I also saw firsthand how quickly misinformation can become lauded as fact.”

“When I turned 30 and started to explore how to level up my skincare routine,” she explained, “I immediately felt overwhelmed.” Inundated with “over-the-top promises, fear tactics tied to purchasing, [and] claims around “safety” without any evidence,” she shared, “ultimately, it was just a lot of clever marketing that didn’t match up products with results.”

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