Water shortage in 2022

Although distilled water is an essential type of water for many medical devices in the United States, some people are having difficulty finding it.

It is used for sterilizing equipment in the home, as well as in medical and dental offices.

It is made from boiling water, then steaming it until it cools down to make a liquid. The water is then distilled to remove bacteria and other contaminants.

Although the shortages of distilled water have been present since the outbreak of the pandemic, they are increasing. Supply chain problems are also being blamed, as they are in many other industries.

Why is distilled water not available in shops?

A Shop Rite grocery store located in Garwood, N.J. has a depleted section for distilled water. There is a sign warning of a shortage “industry-wide.” Although the sign restricted purchases to two bottles, the store was still out.

Checking at several CVS locations nearby, there was no distilled water.

Online prices for distilled water have risen dramatically. One Amazon listing listed a gallon of distilled water for $15.40 to $11.47. You can usually find it for $1-$2 per gallon.

What are you using in distilled water?

Distilled water is recommended for many reasons.

Among them are several medical devices, such as CPAP machines that are used to treat sleep apnea. The majority of irons recommend that you use distilled water.

Many humidifiers require distilled water.

Distilled water is suitable for aquariums.

They can also be used to water plants.

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