Wellness company launches first PBC product category collection

Last business quarter, wellness brand Hyland’s Naturals expanded into the skin care product category for the first time in the company’s history with the launch of its first Baby Skin Care product line. The company has historically focused on developing and producing natural ingredient health care supplements for issues like pain relief or allergy symptoms, and the new collection launch aims to target market share in the growing US baby and child skin care industry.  

As recently reported​ by the market research firm Statista, “the revenue in the baby and child skin care segment of the beauty and personal care market in the United States was forecast to continuously increase between 2023 and 2027 by $97.2 million USD, or 21.43%, and revenue is estimated to amount to $550.79 million USD in 2027​.”  

Consisting of six products, including the Hyland’s Naturals Baby Organic Calming Balm, Baby Organic Chest Rub, Baby Eczema Cream, Baby Eczema Lotion, Baby Organic All Purpose Balm, and Baby Diaper Rash Cream, the collection “features products that are both dermatologist and pediatrician tested, hypoallergenic, soothing, and made from a comforting blend of organic floral and botanical ingredients, and are specifically designed with a gentle formula, safe for babies, to provide comfort and relief when they aren’t feeling their best​,” shared the company’s press release announcing the launch.   

To learn more about the background behind the Hyland’s Naturals Baby Skin Care Collection’s formulation and development, including challenges that needed to be overcome to launch, as well as what sets the collection apart from similar products already available in this industry space, and the consumer pain points the collection seeks to resolve, CosmeticsDesign interviewed Annie Chen, Chief Marketing Officer at Hyland’s Naturals for her insights.  

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