“We’ve created a whole healing toolbox”. Psychodermatology brand Eyeam

“One of the intentions behind our brand is to raise vibrations,” ​shared Margo Marrone, co-founder of new psychodermatology brand Eyeam. “So, most people think vibrations are sort of abstract things, but everything in the universe has a frequency and a vibration. Our thoughts have a frequency and a vibration, our actions have a frequency and a vibration.”

Margo Marrone was the also brains behind pioneering brand The Organic Pharmacy two decades ago. Fast forward to 2023 and she has co-founded a new brand with her daughter Roxy Marrone that’s focused on helping consumers heal their skin, as well as their whole body and mind.

To call it psychodermatology is not giving the full picture – as there is a huge amount of clinically proven science involved in the formulations too.  

Along with founding The Organic Pharmacy, Margo Marrone is a cosmetic formulator, pharmacist, homeopath and energy healer. Meanwhile, her daughter Roxy is integrative nutritional health and manifesting coach who has amassed an impressive community on TikTok and Instagram with her Healing with Roxy posts.

The duo shared that they wanted to create a holistic and healing-focused wellbeing-beauty brand that helped to “change the way we think using affirmations that help to raise vibration.”​ These can include repeating mantras such as “I am beautiful’, ‘I am gorgeous’, or ‘I am lovely.’

“We want people to understand is that your thoughts are real things, ​said Margo. “So, for example, fear has a very low vibration when you measure it in actual Hertz. Whereas love and gratitude have a much higher vibration. Even the different fabrics you can wear that have different frequency that can either raise your vibration or lower your vibration.”

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