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Whatcha Reading? January 2024, Part One

Attractive African American woman throwing snow and smiling in winter forestIt’s our first Whatcha Reading of 2024! Are you starting off strong or taking a more casual approach to your TBR pile?

Sarah: I’m listening to the Kurland St. Mary Mystery series by Catherine Lloyd, which I learned about in the December 2015 issue of RT. We’re talking about it in this week’s episode, in fact. BUT. BUT!

I learned about book three. So like a weirdo I started with book one, and then listened to book two. Now I’ve arrived at the book reviewed in the Dec issue, and it’s an Audible Exclusive and I’m so annoyed. I cancelled my audible membership last year because there are only three series of audiobooks that I re-listen to, and using credits to “own” audiobooks I won’t listen to again seemed wasteful when I could borrow from the library.

I’m so peeved.

Carrie: I just finished reading The Hidden Language of Cats by Sarah Brown. ( A | BN | K ) My big takeaway from it was that we don’t know much about the hidden language of cats. But it was written in a funny, conversational style, speculation was noted as such, and I did pick up a few things. My cats seem unimpressed by my new techniques.

Elyse: I just finished The Scarlet Alchemist and it’s so amazingly good, but it ends on a cliffhanger and the sequel won’t be out until late this year.

Shana: I had a lot going on in December so I’m celebrating holiday romance season in January, instead. I just finished Mistletoe and Mishigas by M.A. Wardell ( A | BN ) which has more sex scenes than any other Hanukkah romance I’ve read this year. Now I’m reading Christmas Inn Maine by Chelsea M. Cameron. ( A | BN | K ) It’s a f/f enemies to lovers romance and there’s a lot of snow. I think Tara might have recommended it, and I love it so far so I’m happy to give her credit.

Lara: My best friend has influenced me to read Katee Robert’s Dark Olympus series ( A | BN | K ) and I’m absolutely hooked.

Kiki: I’m reading Once Bitten by Heather Guerre and have been openly weeping for the last hour or so reading it. It’s the third book is the Tooth and Claw series, all of which have been phenomenal, but this one is…wow. I haven’t been this emotionally destroyed in a long time.

Susan: I’m reading Speak of the Devil by Rose Wilding, ( A | BN | K ) and… Hm. Can I put it down? No. Am I enjoying it? I don’t know! I wasn’t expecting the unrelenting twenty-six consecutive chapters of trauma.

This is absolutely a me problem, I keep forgetting that thrillers aren’t structured like mysteries. The trauma needs to be explained up front so I understand where the characters are coming from, rather than revealed in the endgame to recontextulise the story up to that point

…Or something.

How are you kicking off your reading this year? Sound off in the comments!

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