When Love Is Tough

When Love Is Tough

One of the biggest reasons marriages collapse is that couples expect love to be easy, which means they aren’t willing to stay committed to one another when things get tough.

Any of us can show love to our spouse when life is clicking along smoothly or when we feel our needs are being met. But to have a marriage that endures, love must go much deeper. Love only has the opportunity to show its true colors when it’s tested. And it doesn’t get tested until a problem crops up and love is difficult to give. To say it another way, a relationship can only thrive when giving love isn’t dependent on how perfectly someone gives love to you first.

Many couples give up on their relationship at the precise time they need to dig in their heels and love one another the most. Rough patches are what give marriage a chance to deepen into something even more meaningful. You don’t stay married for decades without a few complications along the way. Which is why a strong marriage isn’t about the absence of conflict. It’s about weathering life’s storms and working through those troubles together.

Genuine love stays committed to the well-being of someone else. When a crisis happens, couples who endure don’t retreat to neutral corners and demand their own way. They find a way through that benefits the relationship as much as the individuals in it.

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