Whoops: Boebert 'Almost Entirely Ignored' At Major Debate

Attention-seeking, controversial Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert could easily lose her seat despite carpetbagging her way to a more conservative district. Chris Phelen, a former congressional staffer, had some choice words for BoBo at an event sponsored by the county’s Republican Party. So, she did get some attention after all.

Phelen called out Boebert during the debate over her limited policy successes and questioned the impact of her Pueblo Jobs Act, even though it’s something she frequently touts.

“Are you sick and tired of people that are coming to Congress just to get more social media hits, likes — whatever they’re doing?” Phelen said. “I am — and that’s what I think that someone up on this stage is doing.”

Boebert defended herself by blaming Democrats, who she said were in charge at the time, and she also defended her social media use.

“I have used that bully pulpit to get a lot of things done,” she said.

The Colorado Sun reports:

Outside of Phelen’s attacks, however, the other candidates on stage almost entirely ignored Boebert and stuck to their talking points in a big departure from how the first Republican primary debate in the race went last month.

Republicans are vilifying any other conservatives who want to assist our allies, Ukraine, from the Russian invasion.

Boebert also called some of her opponents’ support for more Ukraine aid and refusal to back a national abortion ban “heartbreaking.” She also blasted those who said the 2020 election wasn’t stolen from Donald Trump “and may not have stood to object to the Electoral College results as I did.”

“If we don’t have someone with my principles in office, then we may not have an America left to stand for our allies like Israel,” she said in closing.

The truth about the election is their kryptonite. They’re supposed to deny reality to stay in the game. Apparently.

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