Lara Trump Refuses To Say Putin Responsible For Navalny's Death

Here’s the new head of the RNC, a.k.a. the Trump slush fund once they allow this family of Putin-loving grifters to take over. During an interview at CPAC this week, a reporter pushed Trump daughter in law Lara Trump about his ridiculous remarks calling his civil fraud indictment “a form of Navalny.”

Trump had plenty to say about that, but clammed up when asked whether Putin was responsible for Navalny’s death.

Here’s the exchange via Mediaite:

REPORTER: We’ve seen Trump like his legal woes and indictments to the death of Navalny in Russia. In what ways are the two similar?

LARA TRUMP: Well, I think you would have to ask him exactly what he meant, but I think we’re talking about targeting a political foe.

And that’s what you’ve seen happen with Joe Biden weaponizing his Department of Justice. There’s no doubt that if my father in law was not running for president of the United States right now, you wouldn’t see any of these indictments against him.

They wouldn’t be trying to tear his business apart, to ruin and destroy his family, his legacy and everything that he’s worked his entire life for. These things are not just, they are not real. They are very clearly designed to be election interference. And that’s exactly what it is.

Those are things you see happen in a communist country. Those are things you see happen in Russia to political opponents.

So I assume he meant that in very much the same way he’s been targeted as well.

REPORTER: And do you believe that Putin is responsible for the death of Navalny?

LARA TRUMP: I don’t know enough to comment on that.

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