Trump Gives The Most Racist Speech EVER To A Room Of Black Conservatives

Listen, guys. We know Donald Trump is a racist, misogynistic, unintelligent, traitor. Oh, and he sexually assaults women and commits business fraud. And he really loves dictators who murder their political opponents.

The racism has always been there, undercurrents. He wanted (and probably still wants) the exonerated Central Park Five to still be in prison. He was accused of racist housing policies in the 1970s. It even dripped into his horribly fake reality show, The Apprentice, where he fired a contestant because he doesn’t like “educated” Black people. Let’s not even get started on his birtherism claims, which he has still never let up on.

So it should come as no surprise that on Friday night, when giving a speech to a group of Black Conservatives that he leaned into the racism to a degree that honestly shocked everyone. Here are clips:

The racism is just so crazy. But I guess when you are speaking to a group of Black Conservatives, you gotta lean into the “I have a Black friend”, right?

Oh wait, the room was 90% white…


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