Neil Cavuto, THAT Neil Cavuto, Cuts Off Trump Speech?

This seems significant.

Fox News channel was airing a live Trump speech this weekend, and Mango Mussolini started taking credit for the booming American stock market.

And Neil Cavuto, yes, THAT Neil Cavuto, Fox Business Murdoch employee, cut off the speech like an MSNBC operative. Go figure.

NEIL CAVUTO (HOST): All right. We’re continuing to monitor the president’s remarks and I mean no offense to him, some of you might want to continue to hear him, but I did have to say that even though the former president is entitled to his opinions, he’s not entitled to his own set of facts. The market has indeed been going up and having nothing to do with him and everything to do with this aggressive cut in interest rates or there’s a hiking in interest rates that stabilized inflation and of course, the whole artificial intelligence phenomenon that has benefitted NVIDIA and a host of companies that are making money hand over fist. So that — whether you want to give Biden credit for that has nothing to do with Donald Trump.

The right-wing meltdown on Twitter/X was lovely to behold:

“Fox News is losing Trump! Fox will join the long RED LINE of Lefty State Media Outlets who are afraid of their own shadows if they don’t tow the Communist Party Directive! Sad to see the death of independent journalism in this country. It’s time again for Radio Free America!”

“Neil Cauvato needs to follow Chris Wallace. Cauvato has become an anti-Trump fact checker. I have seen this for a couple of years, but he has become a Biden shill. It’s his business if he doesn’t like Trump, but it is due time he stops claiming to be fair and balanced.”

“Cavuto is why most don’t watch @FoxNews. This clown should be fired. Cavuto cut off Trump’s speech and decided to run his mouth with liberal talking points against Trump. Do not watch Fox.”

“Cavuto has always hated Trump! He is a Democrat! Remember he cut Trump off in 2020, said Trump would kill somebody talking about dangerous Hydroxychloraquin! How did that turn out Cavuto? I gave that drug to patients many times, I took it years ago when traveling, It could have saved many lives if started very early. Instead they had to call Trump a liar!”

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