Pennsylvania GOPers Ignore Trump, Push For Mail-In Voting

It feels like there’s a trickle from the dam that’s picking up momentum. Republicans are opposing Trump — if not his candidacy, his decrees on every procedural thing. Like this mail-in ballot plan in Pennsylvania. Via Reuters:

PHILADELPHIA, Feb 23 (Reuters) – Pennsylvania Republican leaders are trying to raise millions of dollars to convince state voters to embrace mail-in ballots and to ignore criticism from their party’s likely presidential candidate, Donald Trump, over the practice.

The previously unreported effort puts Republican leadership in Pennsylvania, one of the most important battleground states in the 2024 presidential race, at odds with Trump over ‘absentee’ or mail-in balloting.

Trump, who continues to falsely allege he won the 2020 race, said this week “you automatically have fraud” when mail-in voting systems are used. The remarks are Trump’s latest in years of allegations, without evidence, that mail-in ballots make election results unreliable.

A small group of Pennsylvania Republicans are hoping to raise some $8 million to fund an education campaign in the state aimed at soothing Republican voters’ concerns about the integrity of casting ballots by mail, officials told Reuters. The money will fund staff to knock on doors in a personal persuasion campaign, officials said.

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