Newsom Shoots Down Welker's Ageist Nonsense On Replacing Biden

CA Gov. Gavin Newsom took apart Meet the Press host Kristen Welker’s right wing talking points on replacing Joe Biden and reminded her of just how weak of a candidate Donald Trump actually is. Welker asked Newsom about reporting that President Obama had warned Biden “not to underestimate Trump.”

Newsom responded that Democrats are not underestimating him before explaining why he believes he’s a weaker candidate this time around:

GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM: Well, I think he’s weakness masquerading as strength. I – I think he’s more unhinged. He’s more – he’s less interesting than he was even a few years ago. I mean, you’ve heard his comments just this week. More just overt racist comments that he’s made. It’s just extraordinary how quickly he is unraveling in real time, including just on basic policy issues like repealing Obamacare, which is overwhelmingly supported. The highest ACA enrollment that we’ve seen in decades, or rather in years and years, just the last few weeks.

So the reality, at the end of the day, he’s unhinged. He’s a much weaker cannon than he was a few years ago. Democrats are stronger. We’re winning – ‘18, ‘20, ‘22, ‘23. You saw it in New York three. We continue to win. We continue to outperform. And Donald Trump is a big part of that. And he’s going to be the nominee of the Republican Party.

Welker then pivoted to concern trolling over Biden’s age, and asked Newsom whether “it’s responsible for Democrats to put him at the top of the ticket.” Newsom proceeded to give Welker a laundry list of all of the things Biden has managed to accomplish as president:

GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM: Responsible? I revere his record. I mean it’s – what he’s done in three years has been a masterclass. Close to 15 million jobs. That’s eight times more than the last three Republican presidents combined. The economy is booming. Inflation is cooling. It’s .6% more than it was in the summer of 2020. It’s just 3.1%. And wait a second, we have American manufacturing coming back home all because of Biden’s wisdom, because of his temperance, his capacity to lead in a bipartisan manner, which is an under-represented point. And so I have great confidence moving forward. So the answer is “absolutely all in” in terms of the next four years with Joe Biden.

KRISTEN WELKER: These voters, though, are not complaining about his record. They’re talking about concerns about his ability to beat Trump, who you have called a – a lightning, a –

GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM: I’m not worried about that.

KRISTEN WELKER: – threat, essentially to the democracy. But in private we’ve heard a lot of – well we’ve heard a lot of his allies say publicly, “In private, he is strong. He’s in command. He’s forceful.”


KRISTEN WELKER: Does he need to do more to show voters that?

GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM: I think he’s doing everything he needs to do. I mean, he’s got an extraordinary record. He’s doing everything he needs to do on Ukraine at the moment. He’s doing everything he needs to do to reconcile and wrestle some common sense as it relates to a bipartisan approach to address the issue of the border where the Republicans couldn’t take yes for an answer because they don’t want to make that a political issue. He is leading. And so no, from my humble perspective, not only the last three years have been extraordinary, I’ve been out with, as you know, on the campaign trail. I was just out in California. I’ve seen him up close. I’ve seen him from afar. But here’s my point: it’s because of his age that he’s been so successful. It’s because of the wisdom and the character that’s developed over years that we have the CHIPS and Science Act, the infrastructure bill, and the PACT Act, and the Safer Communities Act. And because we’ve seen these bipartisan accomplishments because of his capacity of understanding, because of his leadership. So the opportunity to express that for four more years, what a gift it is for the American people. And as a Democrat, what a gift it is for me to make the case for the leader of our party, Joe Biden.

Despite the fact that what Newsom just rattled off should have dispelled any rumors that he’s looking to replace Biden on the ticket, Welker pressed him on it anyway. Newsom shot down the chatter and hit Welker and the rest of the media for being the ones “ginning this up” in the first place:

KRISTEN WELKER: Let’s talk about you, Governor. Days after that special counsel report came out questioning the president’s age and his memory, the Washington Post reported that anxious Democrats reached out to top Biden donors to ask, quote, “When is Gavin getting in?” or “How about Whitmer or Shapiro?” The buzz has not stopped. I know you’ve been asked this before, but do you still rule out a run in 2024?

GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM: I mean you’ve got to be kidding. I am – I am here celebrating the extraordinary accomplishments of the Biden-Harris administration, making the case that we need to make to lift up the issues, lift up the record, drive contrast with the Republican nominee to beat Donald Trump –

KRISTEN WELKER: Have you gotten any calls?

GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM: – so that we can win for four more years.

KRISTEN WELKER: Have you gotten any calls, Governor –


KRISTEN WELKER: – encouraging you to run?

GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM: It’s all idle chatter. It’s all irrelevant – you know what? That’s a sideshow. I think what Democrats need to do is worry less, do more, continue to over-perform as we have, continue to win, make the case. Don’t be ashamed of 4.1% GDP over the last two quarters. Don’t be ashamed about the alliance management of the Biden-Harris administration. Don’t be timid about making the case for the record of this administration.

KRISTEN WELKER: So you’re ruling it out 100%?

GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM: 100%. It’s not even an interesting conversation.


GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM: And by the way, I think it’s a damning conversation, frankly, the other side wants us to have. And trust me, I know the mishegoss coming from the other side. I’m deeply mindful of the anger machine and all the entertainment industry out there on Fox and elsewhere. They love ginning this stuff up. At the end of the day, not only has this train left the station, but we are – we get to enjoy a record of accomplishments as we make the case in a reelection, the likes of which we couldn’t even have dreamt of even as a Democrat the last century.

Republicans can’t attack Biden for his record, so they constantly attack him for his age, and our corporate media is more than happy to help them with that.

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