RNC Member Tries To Stop Party From Paying Trump's Legal Bills

RNC member Henry Barbour, nephew of former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, is attempting to keep the party from forking out money to pay for Trump’s legal bills, and of course the Trump team isn’t happy.

A veteran Republican National Committee member has initiated a long-shot effort to prevent Donald J. Trump from taking over the party committee before he has enough delegates to become the presumptive presidential nominee in an effort to prevent the R.N.C. from paying his legal bills.

Henry Barbour, a committee member from Mississippi, has sponsored two resolutions, one that would require the committee to remain neutral in the primary and another that would assure it does not spend committee funds to assist Mr. Trump in his legal battles. The proposals, which would not be binding even if passed, come as Mr. Trump seeks to install new leadership in the organization, including Lara Trump, his daughter-in-law, who has said she would be open to the committee paying his legal bills.

The resolutions, which were first reported by The Dispatch, have come under fire from the Trump campaign.

“The primary is over, and it is the RNC’s sole responsibility to defeat Joe Biden and win back the White House,” said Chris LaCivita, a top Trump adviser who is expected to move into a top role at the R.N.C. “Efforts to delay that assist Joe Biden in the destruction of our nation. Republicans cannot stand on the sidelines and allow this to happen.”

Trump’s going to bleed them dry and no one is going to stop him. Even Barbour admitted to the NY Times that the effort was going to be fruitless:

Mr. Barbour, in an interview, conceded that neither resolution was likely to pass, given Mr. Trump’s strength in the party, but he said that sending a message was important.

“Just wait till you have the delegates,” he said of Mr. Trump’s effort to take over the party before the primary has concluded.

“This is not going to pass, I understand that,” he said. “It’s about making a point.”

If they wanted to “make a point” they wouldn’t allow Trump and his family of criminals to take over in the first place. We’ll see how many down-ballot seats Trump helps to cost them after he blows through all their revenue. And, as the MSNBC panel and former Michigan GOP Chair Saul Anuzis discussed in the clip above, it’s going to hurt them with fundraising as well, because people aren’t going to want to give money just to see it all go to Trump’s lawyers.

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