Rep. Luna: Why Should I Believe The Actual Facts On Ukraine?

MAGA Rep. Anna Paulina Luna told CNN today that she respectfully disagreed with the actual facts behind why Ukraine is not part of NATO after she claimed they did not want to join the alliance.

CNN host John Berman interviewed the extreme right-wing Congresswoman about Speaker Johnson’s tenure leading the House Republicans and the funding of Ukraine when she spewed this outrageous lie.

LUNA: And what I will tell you is currently right now with Ukraine, while we are sending money over there, there’s no accountability, but I think even furthermore, remember, Ukraine chose to not join NATO.

(That’s a BIG Lie)

LUNA: They also, in addition to that, had decisions that they made early on that would basically enable them to support what we’re doing here in the United States as far as fighting that, and they chose not to.”

So again, it is not our fight to fight. We’ve given them a ton of aid.

We’ve given them so much aid that we could have funded a second Marine Corps.

I think that if you go into what’s happening right now with the inflation that we’re seeing in this country, in addition to, you know, let’s take student loans, for example, and yet we’re funding a foreign government, I simply don’t agree with that.

BERMAN: It was also, it was NATO and the United States and others who didn’t want Ukraine to enter back when it was an issue initially.

LUNA: I going to have to respectfully push back on that because I disagree, but continue. Sorry.

BERMAN: I appreciate that very much.

Thank you for disagreeing with me so nicely. It was so refreshing and we can’t wait to have you back again.

WTF? CNN’s Berman appreciates Rep. Luna’s softly and respectful refusal to believe in an actual truth? And after her nice disagreement he just moved on? Luna is also promoting the idea that all of reality is really liberal bias masquerading as facts.

At the Bucharest Summit in 2008, NATO welcomed Ukraine’s bid for membership and agreed that it could eventually become a member of NATO if it met some requirements, according to NATO’s website.

But Sloan explained that an unwritten reason why Ukraine was not allowed to join NATO was because of concerns from European leaders about how that would affect their relationship with Russia.“There are a lot of European Allies who were dead set against inviting Ukraine because they had hopes that they could develop a closer relationship with Moscow,” Sloan said.

Like George Santos before her, Luna has some mythical biographic information that has been not been confirmed. But really, it’s just too much to have cable hosts nod politely when they spew lies.

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